Price for data recovery from Samsung

Samsung was one of the first information storage market leaders to change its development strategy in time - by mass-producing SSD disks for the corporate and user segments and selling its Seagate HDD production technologies, thereby leaving most of the competitors behind. Seagate continues to release drive 2.5 using Samsung’s technologies (Samsung HDD), in 2017 most of the 2.5 drives will be released under the Maxtor brand - also acquired by Seagate a little earlier. In addition to the SSD-drives, Samsung manufactures usb-flash drives and memory cards for mobile gadgets.
Services listPrice
Data recovery during logical failures (deletion, formatting, raw format)
from 130 to 180 $
Data recovery with a faulty drive (the presence of bad read sectors)
from 135 to 185 $
Data recovery in case of drive service area malfunction
from 140 to 190 $
Data recovery from a drive with a defective electronics board *
from 145 to 195 $
Data recovery from a drive with a faulty magnetic head unit *
from 280 $
Data recovery from a drive with sticky heads on the surface of disks *
from 225 $
Data recovery from a drive with a bent motor spindle *
from 400 $
Data recovery from a drive with a motor spindle wedge *
from 400 $
* Donor payment is made at the expense of the customer and regardless of the result. The donor in this case is the drive, the characteristics of which fully correspond to the characteristics of the faulty drive or partially, but are able to replace the faulty elements.