GutenData 24 - Inside!

In this section will post articles on the process of data recovery. So to say from the backstage, so the section is proudly named - GutenData 24 - Inside! After reviewing the section, you can approximately understand what and how is happening with your drive (HDD, SSHD, SSD, memory card, etc.), at the moment when a specialist starts working with it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell the whole process to an unprepared person. Here, the process is described in sufficient detail with what, where, and how your information is restored. Also, as questions arise, the section will be updated FAQ, it is worth reading if you are not sure about something.

These articles and videos should be taken as fact-finding, this is not a detailed instruction for self-healing action! Do not try to repeat what you saw yourself, this can lead to an increase in the cost of data recovery or a complete loss of your data!

When creating articles and videos, drives were used that are no longer of any value and are the property of the Laboratory GutenData 24.