GutenData 24 - work with legal entities

GutenData 24 from the very beginning was aimed at working with legal entities, since in this segment the cost of data recovery was unreasonably high. Many small firms could not afford such information recovery costs. It turned out that most service centers use services at fairly high prices, which ultimately hits the end customer.

Special conditions

Free diagnostics - you do not have to pay for diagnostics and wait until funds arrive at our account. Payment for services performed upon.

Fixed cost

The cost is interpreted by the nature of the faults, and not the amount of information being restored. Compare for yourself! With us you can recover data inexpensively!


Confidentiality is an essential part of data recovery. The information received goes beyond our walls, only on your drive, or we can give you ftps + encrypted archive access.
W e do not say that we have better conditions than others or super specialists. No! We just do our job and try to do it as efficiently as possible, quickly and at an affordable price..

What we have for you:

  1. A complete set of documents for legal entities
  2. Bank transfer payment
  3. Dates from several hours to a couple of three days
  4. The ability to issue an order on our drive
  5. Free consultation on how to store important information
  6. Just human attitude

Ready to discuss the details ?!

If you are interested in our offer and you are ready to discuss mutually beneficial relations in more detail. Email us! You can write to us through the form on the website, mail, skype or by calling. Write as much as possible what exactly the malfunction is. If you have a technical specialist, then it may be easier for him to tell you what happened and what you need to get and where. We take calls around the clock and often a telephone consultation is enough to understand what kind of malfunction is in your case.

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