Delivery and packing rules

Data recovery laboratory GutenData 24 is now in your city! We have significantly expanded the geography of our services thanks to packstation PickPoint! Already now we are ready to diagnose your drive absolutely free! All you have to do is fill out an application through our website, wait for confirmation of the order, properly pack the drive and take it to the nearest packstation PickPoint.

Free diagnostics

To send the drive for diagnosis, you will need to fill out a simple feedback form and wait for confirmation of ordering.

Fixed cost

The cost is interpreted by the nature of the faults, and not the amount of information being restored. Compare for yourself!

It’s convenient with us

A busy schedule ?! No problem! We can provide you access to your information via the Internet! Everything is simple and safe!

1# We select the point of receiving orders

Before making an application for sending a faulty drive for diagnostics, check the information on the availability of reception points and packstations of PickPoint in your city. We also draw your attention, when drawing up an application for diagnostics, you will need to indicate the packstation (number and address) - to which you plan to take the faulty drive.

2# Fill out the application form

For the correct processing of your order, you must fill in all the fields of the form marked (required). If you are at a loss to answer additional questions, leave the fields blank. For the rest, our operator will help you in coordinating the application.

    Your first and last name (required)

    Сontact phone number

    Your e-mail (required)

    City and Packstation (required)

    Type of drive (device), company and model (required)

    A detailed description of the problem (what happened, what they did, what happened, etc.)

    3# Packing and shipping

    After going through the application process, our operator will contact you to clarify the order. As soon as the information is confirmed, you will receive an SMS message|e-mail with an individual code from us. This code will need to be provided at the pick-up point or entered in the interface of the packstation that you planned to use to send the drive.

    Receive SMS

    After completing the application, you will receive a message with a code that will need to be entered to open the PackStation cell of PickPoint.

    Find and pack in bubble wrap

    Bubble wrap and cardboard box. And an antistatic package (optional) - you may find it at home or in the same computer hardware store.

    1. Bubble wrap
    2. Antistatic bag (optional)
    3. Cardboard box
    The main rule when packing: the package must survive everything! Therefore, when packing your device, try to use many barriers (layers) of protection. Thus, you will save yourself from unnecessary difficulties.

    The transport company PickPoint does not provide additional packaging for shipped goods, so you have to pack your device yourself! To avoid damage to the device during transport!