Data recovery after recovery (数据恢复)
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APPLE SSD SM256C after Afisha Picnic

R emember how many years your last gadget worked? Six, seven, and the most persistent eight years! Therefore, to consider that a laptop should work for you for another twenty years is at least stupid. Given ubiquitous warranty for devices for 1 year, and then "excuses" in style - your case does not apply to the warranty. So, if your precious MacBook is still alive, you need to thank him for this and reward. Upgrade to the apple SSD and clean the cooling system. All these services can be provided to you, in almost any service center, with a focus on Apple.

What was the problem, according to the client, and what files did we need to get?

The day was amazingly hot. By one o'clock in afternoon I finished work with the project and letters, and then went to the festival. After 2 hours I was there. Not having time to get out of car, the customer called and I had to finish the work already under the sun in parking lot. After another 40 minutes, another client called me and asking to look at a commercial proposal with a presentation. Already then near the stage, I was understood that something wrong with him, but I did not attach any importance to it.
File system
Well of course the photo! The most important thing is photos!
Part of photo was on the desktop, but most of them lay in IPhoto library.

Data Recovery Process from APPLE SSD SM256C

T he first thing that caught my eye after opening the laptop was its "shaggy". We have not seen this before; from inside the entire MacBook was covered with fluff, pet hair and sand. As client told us later, he often had to take a laptop with him on vacation. In general, for 6 years, laptop has practically visited all the famous beaches of Southeast Asia. So we can only sympathize laptop.
In general, if you take the technique on vacation, it is better to use it in a more gentle mode. And the annual Afisha Picnic was the last point in his life.
A fter removing SSD from the laptop, we connect it through a special adapter to the PC3000 SSD hardware and software complex. Next, browse S.M.A.R.T. drive and randomly read the user zone.

According to the diagnostic results, we reveal that SSD has large areas with bad sectors in the first 60 Gb (LBA 117.000.000) from beginning of the disk space, and then there is practically no damaged. Since Apple, from those times, began to introduce TRIM technology in devices with solid state drives, every second was expensive. For this reason, we immediately begin to recover data. An hour later, we already had 90% of total SSD volume, after another 30 minutes - we read the rest. After that, we set about analyzing the result.
Client arrived at our office, late in the evening. After 5 minutes of studying his photo, he confirmed that all was restored, which means that our efforts were not in vain.

Price of data recovery from APPLE SSD SM256C

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