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Data Recovery from the WD20EFRX-68AX9N0 Disk
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Apple Time Capsule Data Recovery – WD20EARS-42S0XB0

A pple brand managers have come up with sense when choosing name for home network storage - Time Capsule! This is not some kind of network box, but a time capsule! Convenient thing, and not really, when you need to recovery information from it! And here the matter is not in hardware itself, but in the approach of users themselves. As we have seen more than once, most lovers of this product have opinion that it is forever - no matter what.
Therefore, this type of user is often mistaken in determining the shelf life of their devices, but meanwhile - the resource of each drive is limited! And the storage of valuable information, in single copy - leads to disastrous consequences, and in today's case.

What was the problem, according to the client, and what files did we need to get?

The capsule was purchased in 2012. Put near TV. There was a stabilizer at the entrance to the apartment, so we never had any major drops. And somewhere in 2015, I still bought UPS.
File system
Photo, video, mp3 and flac.
I am a musician, so first, archive of music for the last 5 years is important to me. Well, family photo archive for 11 years.

Data Recovery Process from Apple Time Capsule (WD20EARS-42S0XB0)

E very time you get a chance to open network storage consisting of one disk - you expect to see something unusual and frightening. And indeed, what amazing combination of laconic forms, minimalism and horror, in one bottle! Any blow of wind and your data fly like snowflakes in Christmas glass ball!

To each his own! You don’t want to build a small computer, for a file trash - that’s the solution. Well, it’s quite another matter to store important information without copies on such product. For this reason, most networked storages, through the web-based interface, already have ability to create copies to the cloud, on a schedule or on the fly. Do not ignore such offers from the manufacturer.

HDD Diagnostics WD20EARS-42S0XB0

B efore us was hard drive Western Digital WD20EARS-42S0XB0, а family Draco. Since no one expected the tricks - the client claimed that the drive did not fall, then it was immediately connected to hardware and software system PC3000 Express. After applying voltage, the drive tried several times to read the service area and stopped the spindle. All this was accompanied by low-frequency sound, which already hinted at physical damage to the heads or surface!

A fter opening and examining the hard drive, it was found that the drive has gash on the first head. When, like the rest of surface, there was no visible damage - miracles, but this also happens. On the surface of magnetic head, it was observed a scratch in the center, as if someone had specially applied it, although the disk itself was sealed.
Naturally, reading the old block of magnetic heads was risky, since the pendants of third and fifth heads were slightly skewed. For this reason, we decided to install new set of magnetic head block, but without removing first head. Since gash, on that side, it was barely noticeable during inspection and flushing.
As soon as new set of heads was installed, the drive was connected to the hardware and software system PC3000 Express for further diagnostics. But our expectations were not destined to come true! The drive was ready for a minute, but as soon as we tried to read an insignificant module, the disk began to click, with an accompanying low-frequency sound. So it will be without the first head! Another washing cycle, then inspection of the remaining surfaces of the plates and heads, then a test start and again inspection.
After finishing of preparatory work, we can continue to study service area. First, you need to deprive the drive of accessing service area on the first head, then disable the ability to work with defect lists and smart. The less he will try to write in service area, then better. Once we have made copy of all necessary modules of the service area, we can begin the process of restoring user information. Unfortunately, this process was overshadowed by the fact that in the absence of first head, the HFS + file system was almost completely “corrupted”. So after receiving disk image, we still had many days to sort and search for recovered information.

The cost of recovering information from an external hard drive