Recovery of database files 1C ssd-disk GOODRAM CX300 (SATAFIRM S11)
APPLE SSD SM256C after Afisha Picnic
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Data recovery after recovery (数据恢复)

I f you ever manage to break your hard drive during a business trip, the best thing you can do it's nothing! Firstly, the chances of spoiling something in a stressful situation for you are less. Secondly, if you in this city a couple of weeks, months. The likelihood that the drive will fall into the right hands is extremely small. And data recovery after recovery, as you probably already guess, will cost you more.

What was the problem, according to the client, and what files did we need to get?

After the exhibition, I was reckless to drop my external hard drive, with all the materials and presentations. The disk was determined a couple more times, and after a window appeared: "the disk is not formatted." Since I’ve been in Shenzhen not so long ago, there was no one to ask where to turn to, except from my guide. Using the site, found a couple of spots on the Hua Qiang Bei radio market - a block with shopping skyscrapers like SEG Plaza.
In the first tent, a friendly Chinese man explained to us that the drive had broken and that it would take 4 days and 4730 yuan (about $ 700) in time - expensive, let's go further. After 2 shops, in another building, a gloomy Chinese man said about 2040 yuan (somewhere around $ 300), but in terms of time, he did not say a word. They left him and went to calm my nerves.
In the morning, the guide called and said that everything was ready. We came, paid, began to watch. It turned out that 20-30% was restored. I asked him: "And where is the rest?". The answer was: "Need open hard drive and change something, 4420 yuan (about 650$) and 4 days.". The next day I flew back to Moscow, so the experiments were over. Upon arrival, I phoned 3-4 companies and chose the most appropriate domain for reviews and terms of existence. I was billed at 16,000 rubles and told that they would do it in 3 days. After this period, the manager called me and said that they got everything that was possible. I arrived and saw a similar picture, plus or minus a couple of folders.
File system
It is required to restore pdf-files, presentations, photos and video materials.
In fact, I already agree on less, I need 2 files. The rest are not so important.

Process Data recovery after restorers (ST1000LM025 / HN-M101ABB or ST1000LM024 / HN-M101MBB)

I nside the box was Seagate ST1000LM025, also known as Samsung HN-M101ABB (in SATA version, it is called Seagate ST1000LM024 or Samsung HN- M101MBB, respectively), family M8E (M8BP2).

He came out in readiness, but after turning to the zones on the 2nd or 3rd heads, he began to knock. We saw that, after opening, the hard drive was methodically sawed. For what reason, the block of magnetic heads was not changed, in previous "laboratories", it remains a mystery to us. One thing is for sure, if in the first place, during the diagnosis, he had even been opened, then the growth of gash along the 2nd head could have been avoided. Why so confident? Yes, because the suspension on the 2nd head, unlike the 3rd, was wrinkled. So, it is possible that according to the results of washing the hard drive plates and installing a new block of magnetic heads, there would undoubtedly be more chances to get information on the 2nd head.

Diagnostics of the failed Seagate ST1000LM025 / HN-M101ABB hard drive

T he external hard drive arrived without visible signs of tampering. When the drive was connected to the computer, it was still ready. But when referring to the last two heads, he hung out with a characteristic knock. After the client supplemented the disc's medical history, it became clear that an autopsy could not be dispensed with. Upon completion of the inspection of the drive magnetic head unit, it was revealed that damage to the 3rd and 2nd heads is possible. Presumably, the drive could start sawing off from the second head, since the suspension was severely deformed. On the 3rd head, no visible defects on the surface were detected, but obvious traces of the polymer filled the relief of the magnetic head.

Humble results

A fter washing the hermetic zone of the hard disk and installing a new block of magnetic heads, the drive was ready and even allowed us to read several gigabytes of data on the 2nd head. After which, having reached the supposed place of drinking, he set to work on his favorite thing - to saw off. So according to the results, we already read the disk physically without the 2nd head, but the 3rd head, as if nothing had happened, began to be read.
All the same, we managed to subtract one presentation, since it was located completely on the 3rd head, but the second file, about twenty percent was on the 2nd - unfortunately, due to the large areas with bad blocks, we could not be restored. In total, we got 3 heads out of 4. Should I fiddle with the disk, for the sake of these files - a good question! Whether it was necessary to change the head at the first hint of suspension deformation - definitely, it was worth it!

The cost of recovering information from external hard drive