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Data Recovery from LaCie LRD0TU5 External Hard Drive (ST4000LM024-2AN17V)

T oday we have a guest French legionnaire LaCie Rugged Mini 4TB (LAC9000633 or LRD0TU5). Severe appearance and kind heart - ST4000LM024-2AN17V, M11CheopsLiteA family. Since everyone can enter to French Foreign Legion, the appearance of devices from other countries is not forbidden! And even more so, when the guys are ready not only to serve, but also to pay for their stay - in 2012, Seagate bought up controlling interest in LaCie, and promised the remaining holders about 4 € per share. Which in general is probably not bad when the main holder decided to relax.
The main advantages of these hard discs, in addition to the brutal appearance, is their reliability, declared by the manufacturer and designer of LaCie. Indeed, such a bumper can not be pierced the first time, if you do not know where to knock and what.

What was the problem, according to the client, and what files did we need to get?

When I copying data from an external hard drive, electricity jumped. The iMac was without a stabilizer, so everything went out. When I turned on iMac again, the external drive was not detected, and when I entered the disk utility, I tightly hung the entire all-in-one while checking. The disk did not fall, it was not thrown and did not knock on it!
File system
Mostly need photos, Canon's .cr2
I asked our system administrator, at work, to check this drive. Towards the end of the day, he came up to me and said that the disk had crumbled - apparently due to a power surge the heads scratched the surface. It is necessary to take to the data recovery laboratory, since without the PC3000, the data is most likely not available!

The process of recovering data from an external LACIE LRD0TU5 hard drive (ST4000LM024-2AN17V)

N ice to see - something unusual for our latitudes. The progenitor of this hard drive was ST4000LM016-1N2170, M10TDP family KarnakPlus. Also large and stately, with 8 heads, but very closed - locked terminal. And the love of introspection is a deferred concealment of defects and similar joys that can lead to some freezes in the process of work.
All this was complicated by the fact that the client asked to check the likelihood of cuts. What was done, at the first inspection - the block of magnetic heads was suspiciously clean.
F irst of all, we needed to get a backup copy of the service area of the drive. With this procedure, we usually begin our communication with the victim, if the situation allows it. But this time, I had to go in a non-standard way - at the time of writing, this family was still not supported by the PC3000 firmware. For this reason, we had to work with this drive, through a utility from the M10TDP family. Which, of course, allowed us to get the long-awaited copy of the service area!

A fter access to the service area was obtained by "patching" the hard drive's ROM. We have the opportunity, not only to create a copy of the service area, but also to edit passport data. Thus, being safe from excess body movements of the patient.
As soon as our patient fell into a dream, we were able to start the process of data recovery itself. First of all, we needed to build a map of the heads, to identify areas that we will leave for later or at all, cross out of our roadmap. After 5 hours, we finally reached a large area with unreadable sectors (bad sectors). Since the structure was badly damaged, we had no choice but to read a sector-by-sector drive until empty sectors went. As soon as the copy was ready, we started re-reading the missing zones with bad blocks. After 12 hours, we had a good copy of the faulty 4-terabyte external hard drive, which was still to be scanned, hoping to find the necessary files.
Total ordered took about 3-4 days. Excluding copying to the customer’s disk. This situation, once again shows the need for closer attention to their data. Extra copies do not happen! Good luck!

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