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PS3111 (SataFirm S11) Data Recovery – Possible!

G reat news for those who crashed off the coast of the Phison PS3111 controller (SataFirm S11). Now, thanks to the refinement of the translator construction algorithms in the utilities of the PC3000 SSD Edition software and hardware complex from AceLab. It became possible to recover data from the following ssd-disks:

Patriot Spark


Smartbuy Revival 2


Kingston SSDNow A400


Silicon Power S55


Lite-ON MU3


Smartbuy Ignition Plus


SmartBuy S11T


Silicon Power S60


GoodRAM S400U


GoodRAM S400U

I n addition to the data recovery function, in cases of damage to the firmware (translator, bootloader) of the drive. Also, advanced functions for diagnosing and repairing ssd disks have appeared. Such as testing of memory chips, reading and writing firmware, working with defective lists of the drive and function «Preformat». The last of them allows you to completely reinitialize the drive, up to changing the passport data and the issued parameters in SMART. That is, hypothetically, repair of ssd disks on the PS3111 controller is possible.

What was the problem, according to the client, and what files did we need to get?

The drive worked for a little more than 1 year. And at some point, it began to be defined as SataFirm S11. They read on the Internet that you can reflash, but the chief accountant did not backup anything.
File system
The desktop and the “transfer” folder with base 1C from the root of drive C.
It is advisable to make a sector-by-sector copy. Since the number of client banks on the disk rolls over!

Smartbuy Ignition Plus SSD Data Recovery Process (PS3111 / SataFirm S11)

U pon arrival, the drive behaved as follows: after power-up it is defined as SataFirm S11, but when you try to read a sector, it raises the status "BSY". So, according to the results, the guys in R-Studio displayed a “chessboard”. Such a pattern was achieved - by an eager discharge of power. Naturally, such a technique, except ditching the drive to the end, will not lead to anything. Therefore, the guys decided to stop on time and transfer the ssd-drive to their hands.
Before starting any manipulations, we make a copy of the drive’s firmware and test the memory chips. It would also be nice to create a copy of the memory chip dumps. After all the previous steps have been successfully completed, we move on to the main “feature” of the utility for working with SmartBuy Ignition Plus drives - building a translator.
A fter working out the algorithm, we run Data Extractor and proceed to the usual procedure for subtracting information. Before creating a sector-by-sector copy, we will find out which files are needed first. This is done to minimize risks, failure of the drive at the time of creation of a sector-specific copy. After all, it is clear that the client is interested in specific files and folders, and not all of it.

Price of data recovery from SSD

We successfully recover data from hard drives, hybrid and solid state drives: Adata, AMD, Apacer, Corsair, Crucial, DELL, Fujitsu, Geil, HGST, HP, Hitachi, Intel, Kingston, Micron, OCZ, Patriot (Patriot Memory), Lite-ON, Plextor, PNY, Qumo, GoodRAM, Samsung, Sandisk, Silicon Power, Smartbuy, Sony, Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital.