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Recovery of bitcoin wallet and keys from crypto exchanges

I nternet banking for 35 years! And the very concept of cashless payments has been known around the world for about 243 years! Whether it is a lot or a little is up to you! For example, our Bershtain antistatic screwdriver kit is 7 years old, and the company Apple - 42 years! Agree, you can like a thing right away, but trust is developed over time!
It is difficult to say what the further development of the cryptocurrency market will be. Nevertheless, the old Bitcoin is already 9 years old, and the number of his fans is steadily growing. And gradually, along with the usual orders for the restoration of certificates, databases and other digital gold, they began to bring cases for recovering bitcoin wallets, qr-code from exchanges, which, as before, are stored in one copy on the hard drive, which will soon be prescribed antidepressants.

What was the problem, according to the client, and what files did we need to get?

At some point, my old Asus began to wildly slow down. We carried him to a service near the house, where computer master changed the hard drive 4 years ago before. The guys looked at the notebook and said that disk had tightened up again and needed to be changed. The information from the drive did not read, and they couldn't recovery it since it is not their profile.
File system
The most important is the Electrum bitcoin wallet file and copies of qr codes
By default, it is stored somewhere in the user profile, qr codes were at the root of the local drive. Seed phrase was written down on a piece of paper, which I safely poured coffee and now it is not clear what is written there.

Recovery of bitcoin wallet and keys from crypto exchanges from a hard drive WD7500BPKT-00PK4T0

U sually in this situation, we recommend that the customer relax, and then try to remember if there was a copy of the wallet somewhere else (most users try to make a wallet on a flash drive or external drive). Remember "seed" - a key consisting of 12 words, almost no one succeeded without the hints or notes that customers kept for themselves. But in today's case, the client "all the eggs were in one basket".
And much to the regret of our guest, he had nowhere to go with a passport. The last instance to restore the Bitcoin wallet were the very 12 words that he safely saved on the desktop. With the exchanges, the story was not so sad, since he still could remember that he had set up his Mozilla FireFox account, which means the passwords were there, as well as the mail that he set up for them.
T he hard drive WD7500BPKT-00PK4T0 of the Esprit family was at the initial stage of decomposition, so the situation was not disfigured by large zones with bad sectors. We were tasked with restoring the bitcoin wallet or file with a seed key. And only then, copies of qr codes from your personal account for two-factor authentication on crypto exchanges.

W hen working with damaged drives, first, disable the ability to replace bad sectors with a hard drive. Since this can affect the integrity of user information. Naturally, all these procedures are performed after creating a copy of the service area and checking the block of magnetic heads. And then, you can proceed to proofread the Electrum bitcoin wallet file - wallet.default. By default, the wallet file is in the user profile: "\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Electrum\wallets". Upon completion of the copy of the wallet file, we suspected its integrity. For this reason, we continued to restore the remaining customer files.
As soon as the seed key was received, the customer arrived at our office to check the result. As we feared, at the slightest change in the file structure, the wallet no longer started, giving an error about the wrong password. So the presence of a file with a record of the seed key solved the problem.
For those who are still in the clouds, I would like to remind you that the loss of a seed key is equivalent to the loss of all your savings if you no longer have access to the wallet! Do not lose it, the presence of one copy does not prevent to create another one!

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