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Recovery of database files 1C ssd-disk GOODRAM CX300 (SATAFIRM S11)

T oday we have a guest ssd-drive GOODRAM CX300 (SSDPR-CX300-240) of Polish origin based on the popular PS3111 controller. It just so happened that the accountant is a conservative person and therefore moving to a new hardware is usually accompanied by certain difficulties. With the exception of cases when the level of comfort is below average and then, in such situations, there is always a consensus, which will be discussed further.
Many people know firsthand about the voracity of the eighth version 1C, and most of those who are not satisfied with the database performance work on outdated computers. Whose ceiling of opportunities was achieved a couple of years ago. And for such computers, a brand new ssd-drive is like a second life! And if such an upgrade does not go beyond the premium of an average system administrator, then in general a fairy tale turns out.

What was the problem, according to the client, and what files did we need to get?

As part of the mini-upgrade, the accounting system was transferred to the new ssd-disk GOODRAM CX300. In the near future, a full upgrade of the office park was planned. But to raise the spirit of the chief accountant, we decided to put a new ssd-disk.
File system
Databases 1C, all reporting from the desktop and documents.
Also, if possible, get bank keys and certificates. Some of them were in AppData, a user profile.

The process of restoring database files 1C ssd disk GOODRAM CX300 (SATAFIRM S11)

W hen connected to a computer, the ssd drive was detected as SATAFIRM S11, but after trying to read any sector it hung. This is the second case on this controller, which we wrote about earlier. Symptoms in case of damage to the firmware are similar, so this case is identical to the previous one, except of the number of files that were able to get. Due to the large number of failed sectors, some bases were seriously damaged and could not be restored.

List of supported ssd disks based on PS3111 controller


Patriot Spark


GoodRAM CX300


Smartbuy Revival 2


Kingston SSDNow A400


Silicon Power S55


Lite-ON MU3


SmartBuy S11T


Silicon Power S60


GoodRAM S400U

T he solution to this problem, as in the previous example, can be divided into several stages:

  1. Download a prepared loader from this ssd-disk model and firmware
  2. Creating a copy of ssd-disk service information
  3. Diagnostics of the main nodes of the ssd-disk, in cases where it is possible for this family
  4. Building a translator for subsequent subtraction of data from the resulting image
  5. Reconciliation of the result with the customer
This sequence of actions is typical for most ssd disks, in cases where the drive is physically intact and does not require work to replace burned-out elements. In our example, the process of recovering 1C database files took about 5-6 hours. From the moment of receipt of the order and its delivery to the client. The main base was badly damaged, but a copy was saved.

Price of data recovery from SSD


Data recovery from SSD in case of bad blocks or damage to the service area


Data recovery from SSD with bad blocks or damage to the service area. Large areas of unreadable sectors, ssd disk freezing when connected to a computer.

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Urgent recovery of 1C database files


Urgent recovery of 1C accounting database files. Special service for legal entities and individual employers.