How to сhoose hard drive?! Introduction in magnetic recording technology that maybe you heard on PMR (CMR) and ePMR, SMR, HAMR and MAMR, TDMR and BPMR
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STOP REGENERATOR – Hard drive repair or how to ditch data!

I n this article we will demonstrate how it is not worth recovering data! How this is done in our laboratory, we post here!
We decided to take 5 real cases, medical treatment at home. To make 10 beautiful pictures and show them to you. So that you know what to strive for! You can share your results with us through VK or Facebook. The best photos will be published in our groups and instagram. Winners are waiting for discounts!

The main criterion for the selection of participants:

  1. Using programs like: Victoria, HDD Regenerator, S.M.A.R.T. vision, Sea Tools, etc.
  2. The desire to spoil something!

Repair hard drives in pictures! On the left - not bad, on the right - not really!

D ear readers, meet our heroes: Tim, Rodd, Helen, Bob and Ashley! These are completely different and unfamiliar people who turned to us for help. Their attempts to recover information, using utilities for repairing hard drives (and also the repair of portable hard drives), failed. Two of the participants, nevertheless admitted that they took this step, deliberately! It just turned out later that the data was important.
For a better understanding of what is happening, under each name of the hero, we made a block consisting of two pictures with a short description. Each block is a single hard drive. The left picture is the reference magnetic head, the one on the right is damaged. Both heads are taken from the same disk. Only one of the five cases presented, began to be sawn without assistance (as a result of a fall, shock, power surge)! All cases had one defective head, for some it affected the display of the section, for others it led to a hang or knock of a block of magnetic heads.

Informatization of society and the standard of living of the population

I nformatization is good and bad, at the same time (Caution a lot of letters! Fhabr!). On the one hand, you get information thanks to which you can comfortably coexist with the outside world. And on the other hand, having talked on the phone with a childhood friend, the next one may already call you: a bank, a realtor, a broker, a housekeeper, a security agency, and in the same vein. We have already been counted! It makes no sense to deal with windmills, accept them as a service and move on. You still have the right to choose whether to take this information at face value or pass by.
From our same bell tower, there is another transformation of the presentation of information. A new struggle for the client, and more. Previously, “traditional healers,” they limited themselves to writing articles on self-repairing hard drives, now they upload videos. As before, the most bizarre methods and tips will take root.
If for a legal entity, loss of information is the additional costs that are covered in the course of the life of the company. We do not take into account small firms where the situation is close to the experiences of the average citizen. This is when the recovery method depends on the completeness of your wallet. So it is not surprising that the persistent hostility to a commercial column in search engines is only growing! And the rating of channels with home craftsmen of all trades, strive to take the leading places in the number of views.

Well, in the end, to cheer up the reader, we compare user requests through Google Trends over the past 12 months. Soon a change in trend? I don’t think that just hard disks have come close to a level of density and quality at which its failure will lead to the same sad consequences as most ssd disks. Therefore, we make backups, use clouds and calmly look at what is happening - nothing lasts forever.