Delivery from the regions of Russia, Germany, France and Israel

GutenData 24 is now in your city! We have significantly expanded the geography of our services thanks to PickPoint, EMS and DHL! Already now we are ready to diagnose your drive absolutely free! All you have to do is fill out an application through our website, wait for confirmation of the order, properly pack the drive and take it to the nearest reception point or packstations.


Contacts - Data recovery laboratory GutenData 24

Closer than anyone, earlier than others - ready to help in Moscow, Berline, Paris and Tel-Aviv!

GutenData 24 on Begovaya

Opening hours on Begovaya

  • from 12:30 to 22.30 hours (Moscow time)
Intercom: 250

Not phoned or no time to explain!

If for any reason you did not get through, by our phones. You can also write us a letter or contact via skype.

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    Phone number for Russia:

    +7 (495) 729 97 06

    Phone number for Israel:

    +972 (3) 374 15 71